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Nov 21, 11 Payel Sarkar: Exclusively on
Movie : Jani Dekha Hobe.

Director : Birsa Dasgupta.

Music Director : Indradeep Dasgupta, Neel Dutt.

Releasing on 25th November 2011

CastingParambrata Chatterjee, Payel Sarkar, Anjan Dutt, Shiboprosad Mukhopadhyay, Roopa Ganguly, Arijit Dutt, Debranjan Nag.

Another great production of ‘Cine Nine’, “Jani Dekha Hobe” is going to release on 25th November 2011. The film has been acted by Parambrata Chatterjee, Payel Sarkar, Anjan Dutt, Shiboprosad Mukhopadhyay, Roopa Ganguly, Arijit Dutt, Debranjan Nag and directed by Birsa Dasgupta. Hopefully ‘Jani Dekha Hobe’ will be a great hit. So we’ve got the lead actress Payel Sarkar and Animesh Ganguly, Owner of ‘Payel the diva’ fan club, in a short discussion. Let’s find out what they said!!!!!

Qsn 1: Tell us something about the movie.

Payel: Jani dekha Hobe is a direction of Birsa Dasgupta. Basically it’s a love story. It’s totally related with what happens in real life. Two lovers the meet, fall in love with each other after that they ‘eventually’ break up and finally they are together and all credit goes to some other characters who help them to be together again.

Qsn 2: If you please share the experience working with Parambrata and Anjan Dutta?

Payel: It was not my first experience with ‘Param’ because some years ago I acted a Tele film which was directed by ‘Param’. After that we worked together in some Tele films. But definitely in films it was my first experience. Undoubted ‘Param’ is a very good actor. Apart from acting he’s also directing, working with music and also producing movies. So I felt comfort working with him. If a good actor acts with me, definitely my performance becomes much better. And it was my first experience with Anjan Dutta. I’ve seen him acting, directing as well as performing, but sharing screen with him it’s a big thing to me. It’s nothing like that if I get appreciation from a legend like him after a shot.

Qsn 3: Any Memorable moment in shooting time?

Payel: specifically I can’t remember it now. But we had gone outdoor for shooting which was something like close to Nepal and it’s a beautiful place. When we reached there it was slightly raining and people said that it has been like that since last six months. So we’re very scared because we have on two days in our hand. But the next day when we started shooting it was completely clear sky and the sun was smiling and we could see Kanchanjangha very clean. But surprisingly after two days’ shooting on the 3rd day when we pack up, rain had started falling again. It was amazing and a great experience.

Qsn 4: ‘Le Chakka’ and now ‘Jani Dekha Hobe’, two movies of two different types. How did you adjust yourself?

Payel: No, not at all. The difference varies on the demands of the directors. I’d worked in different types of movies with different characters. So I had no problem working in the film. It depends on satisfaction. In that case type doesn’t matter.

Qsn 5: Upcoming movies after Jani Dekha Hobe?

Payel: next movie called ‘Le Halua’, directed by Raja Chandra and it was also a big project. After that a movie of Sujit Mondal which is still untitled

Qsn 6: Message to the viewers of and your fan club?

Payel: I just wanna say the please watch the movie in the halls. Definitely give me feedbacks after watching the movie but I’m sure you’ll like it. And the fan club members are my support. They help me to go forward. And it’s my responsibility to gift them some good movies. So my best wishes to all the viewers of and my fans.

Payel Sarkar’s Interview

We also met the owner of Payel the Diva fan club Animesh Ganguly (Subho) about her upcoming movie Jani Dekha Hobe

Qsn: As a fan club of Payel how you are going to promote this film?

Animesh: After ‘Le Chakka’ Payel didn’t work in any film. But giving regular updates we have kept her into the eyes of the audience. So when the music CD has been launched at Park hotel, Cine Nine gave us the responsibility to promote Jani Dekha Hobe. But we don’t make any flexes or banners, we are promoting this film totally in internet and we are giving time to time updates. We are also getting a huge response from that.

Qsn: How does the presence of Anjan Dutta help you in the promotion of the movie?

Animesh:  When stars like Anjan Dutta, Parambrata, mamata Shankar, Rupa Ganguly and also directors like Shibprasad Mukherjee are associate with a film, it doesn’t need any promotion, because public already get the interested. So standing at that position they didn’t help us more because they are assets – when actors like them are present in a movie, it will be a hit movie.

Qsn: how much response have you got after the music release?

Animesh: great response. More over the fans have already started the visit the music stores to collect the musuc CDs. Also we’re getting lots of calls and sms as well as we are getting responses from facebook and orkut. CD doesn’t come to the store till now, but still the demand tells everything.

Qsn: What is Payel’s reaction in fans responses?

Animesh: Payel is very happy. Nowadays she contacts me daily and she wants to know about the fans responses. I try my best to reach every response to her as well as she herself visits Facebook and Twitter and checks the fans responses.

Qsn: Co-operation of Prism in this fan club – What do you say about it?

Animesh: Prism is an important part of our fan club. Prism and Sourav Chackraborty took the first iniative of this website and fan club because without Sourav Da’s support I couldn’t think about this website. So Prism is always with us and will be in future.

Qsn: Message to the viewers of…

Animesh: I just wanna say that please watch the movie because it has something different from the traditional romantic movies. And also after 22se Srabon and Icche this movie is going to be a very attractive movie.

Jani Dekha Hobe — Releasing on 25th November


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